Teach a person to fish – the role of Train the Trainer in knowledge translation

Train the Training in writing over an illustrated scene of a father son fishing trip.

What is Train the Trainer? The Society for Research on Educational Effectiveness defines Train the Trainer as “training a person or people who, in turn, train other people at their home agency [1].” It has also been called pyramidal training,… Continue Reading

Alternative Facts about Knowledge Translation

Alternative Facts About KT

Senior advisor to the President, Kellyanne Conway, introduced the press to ‘alternative facts‘ over the weekend. Twitter (and the media) had a field day. Inspired by the new meme, we felt compelled to gather #AlternativeFacts that we sometimes hear or read about in Knowledge… Continue Reading

Article Review: The Acceptability of Social Media to Translate Evidence to Practice

Twitter and research

Today’s post reviews a study that asked health researchers, clinicians and students to share their thoughts about social media as a knowledge translation tool. This is a topic that I’ve found to provoke wide ranging conversations around privacy (personal vs.… Continue Reading