Teach a person to fish – the role of Train the Trainer in knowledge translation

Train the Training in writing over an illustrated scene of a father son fishing trip.

What is Train the Trainer? The Society for Research on Educational Effectiveness defines Train the Trainer as “training a person or people who, in turn, train other people at their home agency [1].” It has also been called pyramidal training,… Continue Reading

How does TREKK translate latest evidence into useful bedside tools?

85% of Canadian children don't go to ED

General emergency departments (EDs) treat the majority of acutely ill and injured children in Canada. These EDs are not affiliated with a children’s hospital, and oftentimes lack access to the resources and training necessary to provide best possible and consistent levels of emergency care… Continue Reading

Article Review: The Acceptability of Social Media to Translate Evidence to Practice

Twitter and research

Today’s post reviews a study that asked health researchers, clinicians and students to share their thoughts about social media as a knowledge translation tool. This is a topic that I’ve found to provoke wide ranging conversations around privacy (personal vs.… Continue Reading