PE-8: Five Point Checklist When Planning for Patient Engagement

#PEmeans meaningful change. I am a researcher and a nurse.

Oftentimes, I’m asked by health researchers for a simple checklist they can review in the initial stages of planning for patient, informal caregiver and/or public engagement of their project. I’ve pulled together five key nuggets of advice, based on some of my… Continue Reading

PE-7: How Do I Find People to Involve in my Health Research?

Where are all the patient partners?

First, a recap: In one of our previous posts, we talked about the importance of identifying who you want to involve in your research project by asking the following questions: “Who is affected differently by this health issue?” – Think… Continue Reading

PE-6: What Influences Someone’s Motivation to Get Involved in Health Research?

#PEmeans doing the right thing for me & my health team. Power Patient!

First, a note: For brevity’s sake, any reference to “patients and the public” is meant to include people with lived experience of a health issue, communities, informal caregivers, families and friends. It makes sense that health researchers would have personal, economic… Continue Reading

PE-1: What is Patient Engagement Health Research?

#PEmeans Inclusion

The concept of patient engagement in health research has received growing recognition over recent years, both nationally and internationally (in places like the United Kingdom and the United States). But what exactly does it mean? The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)… Continue Reading